What makes Soboba different?

Soboba is unlike any other flight park due to its unique combination of a mountain site with a quickly accessible launch. For new pilots, this means the difference of many days (or even weeks) training time.

Soboba is blessed with the ultimate combination of flying site traits:

  • Mountain site with 4-minute turnarounds to the 650′ launch
  • Rides to launch available 7 days a week
  • We don’t need wind to fly!
  • Southern California weather provides 320+ flyable days per year

When setting out to earn your P2 paragliding rating, there are two primary goals you will be looking to achieve: minimum number of flights for the P2 rating, and the necessary high flight (over 500′) skill sets. Soboba offers the perfect combination of a mountain site with a fast turnaround time of less than 5 minutes from the landing area to the high launch. This way a student can get multiple flights per day (as many as 10!), from an altitude where they can start learning to soar from their very first flight. Students can start getting their laps in early in the morning, since Soboba isn’t dependent on having wind to fly. Also, there is no requirement to do a tandem flight as part of our curriculum, since we have multiple “step-up” launches for safe solo progression.

Soboba is also the only flight park in the world to offer speed flying and paramotor training in addition to paragliding.