The Mojo 5 is now available to order in the M, L, and XL sizes, with the S and XS sizes to follow in the immediate future.
The all new Mojo 5 is lighter, easier to launch and fly, and more comfortable in the air than the Mojo 4. The Mojo 5 may be the 5th in the series, but this iteration is completely new, and was designed from the ground up to redefine this specific class of wing. The mission was to offer the highest level of performance in the beginner category without compromise in the safety and ease of use. Passive safety is even further improved over the Mojo 4, and at the same time we have refined the launch behaviour and upped the glide performance. From new school graduates to relaxed paragliding veterans, the Mojo 5 provides the most relaxing platform in the Ozone range for all-around fun flying, and basic XC missions.