The Little Cloud Goose has been a huge success and considered a technical revolution by many pilots. Now its successor has arrived with many improvements.

From the manufacturer:

We had a lot of fun during its development.
The Main goal was to increase the using range, without any sacrifice on its fun factor!

The thicker profile gives the wing better stability of its shape and limits all parasitic movements. The collapse resistance is a step up.
The glide feeling is incredible and the stay along the speedbar range.
Inflation is faster and allow easy take off even in nil wind.

A slight increase in the aspect ratio combined with work on the profile allow for an impressive 10 :1 plus glider angle.

The sizing has been increased a bit to help with better airmass filtering, allowing longer flight ; Norbert Schmiderer, Austrian pilot, has already flown a couple of 150 to 200km flights during this summer !
The glider remains pitch stable. The handling is still very direct, but a more progressive brake authority helps thermalling in lighter conditions.
Brake travel is over 60cm.

Two descend options are possible: the big ears are larger than the previous version and the classic steep spiral where a high sink rate without too much G force is reachable (Be careful anyway to the black out and disorientation).

This glider is dedicated to experimented pilots (EN C) looking for a fun glider without compromising the performance.
Its low weight and volume makes it a perfect wing for hike and fly, vol bivouac, Xcountry…