Paragliding Training

We offer paragliding instruction all the way through the P4 license. Since every student progresses at a different rate, we tailor the training to the individual based on a day to day structure. We don't require you to pay for a full rating course up front, nor do we require you to purchase your own gear. You can use ours as long as you like.

Since the instructor workload is highest in the first few days, our lessons follow a descending pricing structure as shown below. Keep in mind that these are full 8-10 hour days, not 2-3 hour sessions. Also, very often you will be the only student and thus enjoying a private lesson. These daily training prices include all gear and USHPA membership.

  • Days 1 and 2 - $350
  • Day 3 and after - $225

The average number of days it takes a beginner to earn their P2 rating is 7 days, but of course this will vary with each individual. A minimum of 5 flying days is required for the P2.

We give our students a $500 credit toward their training if they buy gear through us.

Now offering paramotor training too!